Brainwave *Open Prompt*



1/ The post can be as short or as long as you want. It can be a haiku, 100-words or 55 words fiction, long fiction, satire. Absolutely anything goes as long as it relates to the prompt.

2/ You need to paste the link to your blog in the comments section before midnight on the day of the prompt

3/ The prompt is open to all, not just Project 365 guest authors. Every single person with an online voice (or otherwise – in which case please email us your “creative article”).

2 comments on “Brainwave *Open Prompt*

  1. Well, not going into too many details, this blog right here is the best idea I have ever had in a long time. Over the past few days as Project 365 winds down to a close, the following are a few things which keep coming back to me about the year that is just about to end.

    1. I cannot thank the stars enough for giving me the courage to approach Sakshi and then subsequently Sid and Reks as co-authors for the Project prompts.
    2. While foolishly enough I believed that between the four of us we could tackle the entire year ourselves, better sense prevailed and we ended up coming up with the concept of Guest Authors and the subsequent selection methodology and the lovely rapport that we developed with all the Guest Authors.
    3. The brainwave idea that the Facebook Group finally ended up being.

    What more can I say, Project 365 till date remains one of my best ideas in terms of sheer inspiration and professionalism considering the manner in which we, the Core Team managed to execute it through the year.

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