Guest Authors

We pondered and opined. And then we pondered some more. And then we finally came up with these rather unique takes on our esteemed Guest Authors. After all, we think they deserve the very best introduction. Don’t you?
The page may take a wee bit of time to load. Have a cuppa on us, while you wait. Trust us, it’ll make pretty fantastic reading. And click on the image to be taken to their respective blogs. In a new window, of course !
Afshan_Profile Sugandha_Profile Manjulika_ProfileKaran_Profile Poornima_Profile Hrishikesh_ProfileGayatri_Profile RuchiraKhanna_ProfileSitara_Profile Privy_Profile Soumya_Profile Shivangi_Profile Yashika_ProfileSalesh_Profile Jas_Profile Yamini_Profile

Hema_Profile Jaibala_Profile


6 comments on “Guest Authors

    • Hi ipenmymusings,
      Thank you for your interest. However all our guest author slots are currently filled and we aren’t looking for any at the present. We do have open prompts scheduled throughout the month on various prompts. You can find them on our Facebook Page “”. We’d love for you to take part in the same. If you have any questions about taking part in our open-to-all prompts, kindly refer the following link :

      Once again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to reading your posts for the open prompts.

      The 365 Core Team

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