Interplanet Janet *Open Prompt*




1/ The post can be as short or as long as you want. It can be a haiku, 100-words or 55 words fiction, long fiction, satire. Absolutely anything goes as long as it relates to the prompt.

2/ You need to paste the link to your blog in the comments section before midnight on the day of the prompt

3/ The prompt is open to all, not just Project 365 guest authors. Every single person with an online voice (or otherwise – in which case please email us your “creative article”).

3 comments on “Interplanet Janet *Open Prompt*

  1. While I wouldn’t physically want to recreate the world as we know it, the following are a few things which I would really really like to change about the world.

    A world without any organized religion, especially the type that tears people and countries apart from each other.
    A world where women and children are treated on par with men in each and every respect.
    A world where humans learn to respect their surroundings and the environment which provides them with everything they need.
    A world where free speech is not frowned upon or judged by others.
    A world where no form of bigotry or racism exists.

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