I Love My Chappati

I’m not a foodie. 

No, I seriously mean that. I do not have many choices, likes or dislikes. I eat almost everything that is offered to me except may be non-vegetarian food other than fish, chicken and lamb. These too I avoid on many a days. My mother too cannot tell you what my favourite food item is. That’s true. While she used to make a different sabzi for my little sis every time she had prepared baigan (eggplant) ka barta, bhindi (okra) or jimmikand (yam) masala, she never offered me such an option. It wouldn’t be right to put it that way and blame her, because I never showed my disinterest in any item. Thanks to Acha being with me during the initial 5 years. So Amma could never make out if I even had a dislike for a certain vegetable or dish. After marriage, I have always left it to the husband to order food at a restaurant. Not because I’m a pati-vrata patni (a chaste, devoted and loyal wife), but because I’m too lazy to even pick up the menu card and go through all the listed items.

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