Perspective * Open Prompt *


We all have our pet peeves and hates, there are somethings which never fail to drive us crazy. Go on, think about one of those things that drive us crazy, let the hatred ferment for the next five minutes.

Ok, now stop thinking about that. Now, think about something that makes you really happy, joyous and all warm inside. Let that happy feeling pervade you.

Now that you are happy and all fuzzy and warm, go back to thinking about that one thing you really hate. Does the happy feeling help you change your perspective about what you hate?



1/ The post can be as short or as long as you want. It can be a haiku, 100-words or 55 words fiction, long fiction, satire. Absolutely anything goes as long as it relates to the prompt.


2/ You need to paste the link to your blog in the comments section before midnight on the day of the prompt


3/ The prompt is open to all, not just Project 365 guest authors. Every single person with an online voice (or otherwise – in which case please email us your “creative article”).


We know you want to discuss this post. So go ahead and leave a comment...

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