Drafting Write

It is often said that nothing scares a writer more than the evil blinking cursor – yes, the very same one that taunts you and sometimes even laughs at your wordless-ness (in the surround sound “super-villain” voice, no less). And if we’re being honest, we’ve all been there, experience that, and got the hypothetical “Writer’s Block” accessories. But as any one who writes will tell you, it is always a phase.

For, the ideas and inspiration to write exists all around you. It exists in that lone, yellowish – orange leaf that you watched lazily drift down from the branches of the great oak tree and on to the once-green grass. In that group of rowdy and almost hooligan-like, yet oddly cute set of school kids returning from school. In that bowl of Chocolate Pops that slowly drown in that stream of cold milk. In that mischievous eyes of your adorable child, who is plotting his next adventure. The list is pretty endless.

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Sid Intro


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