Letters to Charlotte (Guest Post by Saranya Iyer)

Hello everyone, If you are being asked who is your favourite author? Would you think for long or the name is on your tongue tip( that is my version of finger tip)? Well, my answer was, is and will remain the same. I am quick to respond the question. Very quick that the pop ups in the web sites will fail and cannot match up to my pace. Okay I declare. It is none other than my Jane. Yes the very famous and witty author – JANE AUSTEN. I adore her writings. She is the one who instilled the interest of reading in me. The writing always followed after that. To talk about her qualities and style, She writes fiction drama. The character always centers around a female. All her females possess adorable qualities like being high in intellectual capacity, the resentment towards foolishness, the social inclination, love towards dance, pride on oneself and other behavioural aspects that only Jane could bring in her novel or writings. But the prompt did not stop there. It asked me to develop a plot or write any post in Jane’s style.

Read the remaining post here at http://poemsshortstories.blogspot.in/2014/10/letters-to-charlotte_14.html?m=1


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