Musical Memories

Music moves me. It makes me laugh, sing, or cry. And some songs -they make me go on time travel.

My first song was ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, the nursery rhyme that continues to be the super-hero among rhymes. To mime the twinkling stars using hand gestures, to express the wonder on the face and then jump up pointing at the sky to show the exact location of ‘the world so high’ are still the exact steps that is followed religiously by tiny tots all over the world.

I remember the accolades it gave me when I performed it in front of family during any family get together. I remember the petting that followed and the song rather made me vain.
Time flew and now my son sings it with so much love. As it is a lullaby, I used to sing it for my son while putting him to sleep, and he used to demand for it every night…

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