Father and Son

I’ve often heard people say that “Parenting is the toughest job in the world”. And now that I’m a parent, I agree.

The hours are weird, your employer has crazy demands and despite having a hot teammate, you’d find yourself wanting some “you-time”. Add to the fact, that if you are a full-time parent to a toddler, you no longer have a sense of time – weekends are the same as weekdays; 9pm is the new “bedtime” and your definition of a date is a “two-hour” chat with parents of other toddlers discussing potty training and what happened in the last episode of “Chota Bheem”. Yes, parenting is difficult. And for a good reason too. You are now responsible for an entire person (or people – *gulp*) and everything you say and every action that you take will set an example  – either good or bad.

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2 comments on “Father and Son

  1. This is an excellent re-count of days gone by me. Now 6 and 10 years old, it doesn’t take long for things to change and then you would be talking fondly about these lovely diaper-changing days. So enjoy!

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