But first, coffee…

My better half (yes, in all possible ways) makes a surprise appearance on my blog again – this time talking about something that she can’t live without. No, it’s not me. So, today I turn over my blog to my lovely wife, Janaki, for a light-hearted post about something that near and dear to her. Make sure you make yourself a cuppa before reading 🙂

The gentle clattering of stainless steel vessels wake me up from my deep slumber. I throw a quick glance at the pale blue alarm clock and groan – it’s almost time to get up. Pulling the pillow over my head, I try to go back to sleep. Just as I start to drift back into the land of slumber, the faint trace of a familiar scent wafts in from the open kitchen.  Even though my eyes are closed and I’m drifting in and out of consciousness, I smile. As the clattering in the kitchen continues, I inhale deeply, the aroma now slowly making its way into my lungs, almost giving me goosebumps in the hot, humid 40 degree weather.  I sit up on the bed and stretch my arms. My ears automatically prick up like Piku’s, the stray dog we’d adopted once. Carefully tuning out the medley of discordant noises, they pick out the one sound that I’m looking for  – the gradually increasing pitch of a thick, black liquid being poured from a height into a steel tumbler. I smile, for I know what’s coming next ; As if on cue, mother calls out  –   “Janaki, kaapi !!”.

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