On the Edge – Guest post by Yashika Totlani

After the screaming was done and the door had been locked, Radha succumbed on the floor. She rolled up like a fetus and burst out crying. The wailing and tears didn’t stop for several hours after …

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One comment on “On the Edge – Guest post by Yashika Totlani

  1. I can say that poetry has helped me come out of depression, so I know what she’d have felt like. There’s nothing quite as understanding as words. They’re yours, so they love you back, they understand you because they’ve come from within you and they’re the best friends we can have most of the time. Karma came back to bite Varun, and it was deserved for what he did to her mind. Strong, moving narration. I enjoyed reading the tale.

    (Not sure if my comment has come through on her blog as I’m doing so from office, and Blogspot acts up at times 🙂 Putting it here, just in case.)

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