You, the Sandwich (Guest Post by Shivangi Sharma)

My first thought would have been Sugar, Spice and everything nice but then I thought this can’t be it. A restaurant is naming a dish after me and I can’t just do away with these staple ingredients. So, I went about asking a few friends what they think I’m made of. And I got pretty decent answers. Pretty but weird.

Can you imagine me being a Raj Kachori? He said I’ve layers to me. Which is true. And then it makes sense because just by the way I’m plum. The other one made me quite happy as she said I’d be Mango Salsa. Because I’m quite different and I fill the space (read food as I’m a recipe) with life! The person that I am, I wasn’t still satisfied with the answers so I went and asked the third one. He blasted me with options which I think are quite cool. Like he said I’d definitely have saffron in me. With all the pun he could add, he says I’m Posh! He also said I’d have mint. It’s refreshing and all.

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