Main Jo Chali Amreeka

27th August 2007

My first ever trip to the US of A, (Amreeka in local language) was courtesy an official conference. Like most of the households mine too was full of excitement. Parents and parents-in-law were full of pride. Why? After all, bachha Amreeka jaa raha hai. That too a daughter-in-law; even while her husband was yet to travel beyond Singapore. By God! It was made to sound like I was going to meet God.

I left my one and a half year old baby with the caretaker and my parents. An afternoon Virgin Atlantic flight to Newark Liberty International Airport. It was just a male colleague and I who were travelling from India for the conference. Both first-timers to Amreeka. We had a connecting flight from Heathrow. We had a five day conference to attend and we extended our trip by a day for local sight-seeing.

The 9-hour flight from Delhi to Heathrow went off quite normally. And while my colleague watched about 2-3 movies and engaged in his photography passion, I utilized the entire flying time to SLEEP. Of course, I was a sleep-deprived mother. You should have known.

Read more about my trip to Amreeka at Dew Drops

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