Guest Post: Your Life, The Book! – by Shivangi Sharma

One’s life is…well it’s Life! Your journey towards eternity! It’s how you have lived with people and what all you have done, before you become a mere memory! Many people write their biographies; a long long essay of what their life has been all about. Whether it has been a smooth one or a roller coaster ride? Or maybe something else that only they themselves can describe well. It’s a story which they want the whole wide world to know about them. They weave their lives with words into a book.

Had my life been a book, it would have been a pretty …

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3 comments on “Guest Post: Your Life, The Book! – by Shivangi Sharma

  1. “our love would be like renaissance for all the romantic people out there” – I thought this was cool! 😀
    I will not be your biographer. I think you should make it ‘auto’ and write your biography on your own. 1. You write better than most I know. 2. You will document your life like no other. (I will beta read your manuscript for you if you want that! ;)) The only temptation I have to write your biography is the amount of time I will get to spend with you. THAT would be simply lovely, and feature in my auto/biography too. Honoured with the mention though, and the coffee is on me now whenever we meet.
    A sweet and honest post. I am glad you spared Shakespeare. He is too busy turning in his grave at the atrocious quote he is used for by CB and his ilk. 😀
    Thanks for writing in! 🙂

    • I don’t think coffee will do now that you have turned down my offer! You need to have lunch with me…and maybe spend the day. We can play scrabble, have drinks and chit chat a bit!

      I had to spare Shakespeare! My main target was you! You see!

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