SINGULAR SENSATION (Guest Post By Soumya Mukherjee)

A guest prompt on Project 365 I have chosen to discuss if a blog of mine were to create a life change what would it be? It can be viewed at Project 365 I always wanted to write the great Indian novel and change the world. Sashi Tharoor stole the title but wrote something else, (which also bdw I had intended to write, damn him) and a couple of Yankee college drop outs changed the world, again, not anywhere near the way I intended. I now write blogposts read by a dozen odd folks and change TV channels, that too as my intellectual spouse and children shun it as the idiot box, although it’s a flatscreen and not a box, and the idiot is in front of it, watching. But what if……. ?

Read more at Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow



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