The Fandom of Sports

I have to start with a confession. This is a prompt that I personally picked, but due to some challenges (and lots of procrastination and lack of planning from my side), I ended up in a rather difficult spot. Now, since I am by no way a prolific writer who can churn out quality posts within a matter of hours, I did the next best thing – I turned to two amazing writers who I knew wouldn’t leave me in the lurch. And you know what, they stepped in. Not only that, they managed to crank out two nice little posts for the prompt:

Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not .

Our first Guest author who will grace this page with his take on the prompt is Salesh Dipak Fernando, who I personally consider the epitome of optimism. He is a voracious reader who doesn’t hold back from giving you honest feedback on your work and a good writer himself. Without any further ado, here’s his take on the prompt.


My tryst with sports began on 9th March 1996 India vs Pakistan cricket World Cup quarter-finals. The sight of Ajay Jadeja smashing Waqar Younis still remains fresh in my memory.  It is no surprise that like most sports fans in India my journey too began with cricket.

Over the years I have transformed from being a mere sports fan to a fanatic. There have been times when I planned my day to day schedule around sporting events. Slowly but steadily my interest in cricket opened my eyes to other sports as well.

As my understanding of sports evolved over the years it gave me a whole new perspective which held a deeper meaning. I realized that sporting events have a wonderful parallel to our own journey of life. It celebrates and elevates the underdog who would otherwise go unnoticed. Every sports person gets the space that he deserves. The best part though is the fact that the celebration never ceases. There’s always someone having his own moment of glory.

There are obvious intangible perks of being a sports fan. The thrill, the joy, the passion is at times unmatched. At times a sport can act as a catalyst to our own aspirations. It can heal broken hearts, break physical barriers and unite people belonging to different race, caste and religion.

Needless to say I am proud of being a sports fanatic. My fav sportsperson ( I guess this might come as a surprise to those who understand my obsession towards cricket ) is was and will always be Monica Seles – Yes u heard me right.



The second guest here on the blog today is one of the youngest writers  I know. Barely a few months over the lovely age of “Seventeen”, Karan Sampat is someone capable of churning out quality posts on the go. Why, over the past weeks, I’ve seen nothing short of 30 quality blog posts from this talented young man. He is truly a testament to the fact that we have a talented group of young writers coming up. Here’s is “poetic” take on the prompt.

There I was,
Dozing at 12 o clock,
When he came knocking,
And kicked away my writers block.

Tired though I was,
This topic lured me in,
Not writing on it immediately,
Would be a major crime – a sin.

Sports it talked of,
About me being a fan,
Tempted me it did,
And there my brain ran.

With Fifa running,
Football came to me first,
I needed to organize my teams,
Before the bubble burst.

Barcelona and Spain,
Two undying favorites of mine,
Then are Germany and Brazil,
As Argentina also joins the line.

Too many teams,
And players to support,
This poem wont work,
It’ll need a novel sized report.

Suarez and his teeth,
Brought Nehra to my mind,
Cricket I’d remembered just in time,
And that saved my hind.

India shall remain forever,
At the top of my list,
Then the men in yellow of the IPL,
And I’m done, with something shorter than a gist.

There are players to see,
Like boom boom and the wall,
Along with the masters they are,
Doing wonders to the ball.

I shouldn’t forget others,
Though i likely will,
I must concede here that,
My knowledge of other sports is next to nil.

Its a shame,
And I accept it too,
Its our mistake combined,
The world, me and you.

Recognition we dont give,
But we want them to succeed,
If thats our attitude,
Then why will they pay heed?

Wrong we all are,
And this must change now,
Nothing else must be thought,
Than to work on it how.

Archery and athletics,
They come from letter number one,
I will try to name one from all,
And miss a letter none.

Then comes badminton,
And the cricket usual,
Then its diving and equestrian,
Followed by the fencing duel.

Golf and hockey come next,
and ice skating (brr!),
Judo and karate fight next,
With lacrosse and mountain biking (vroom).

Polo and rugby i know off,
But I need to skip N O Q,
Skating and table tennis dart in,
As u x and z have few.

To fill the gaps,
Come volleyball and wrestling,
Yoga fits in too,
As i now remember cycling.

I used google,
And so would have you,
Its our knowledge limit,
And our ‘begin learning’ cue.

I must end with a note,
To thank Sid a bit,
To offer this prompt to me,
And to deem me for this privilege fit.

I hope you like it,
And so does he,
Lets begin respecting sports from now,
And not let this lethargy be.

Change is necessary,
And so is acceptance,
We have to begin now,
And push back our reluctance.

To end i must say,
Though on a lighter note,
That you must put up with the soaps,
Varna kabhi kardegi biwi maut. :p



Thank you Karan and Salesh for two distinctly wonderful posts, both which I enjoyed a lot, and has probably done more justice to the prompt, that I could ever have. Thank you Team 365.

Sid –  Core Team | Project 365



One comment on “The Fandom of Sports

  1. By God! Salesh and Karan, you have done a brilliant job with the prompt. I am a zero when it comes to sports. My husband will tell you how even after all these years of watching World Cup Semi Finals and Finals together I still do not understand LBW or Wide Ball. 😛

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