BARTER SYSTEM (Guest Post by Soumya Mukherjee)

Project 365 wants to know what skills I have that could help me survive a barter economy. They threaten to disclose my findings at

This got me thinking, what skills do I have?

I am addicted to reading and daydreaming, but these aren’t skills, at least not saleable or barterable ones. I also talk far more than is good for my neighbors’ sanity, but this, if it could be construed a skill, is a negative one. Unless, of course, it can be turned into a money spinner, by making others pay me to shut up. But they could also decide to beat me up to shut me up. That wouldn’t be too good a way of earning my livelihood. I am no ninety pound weakling who gets sand kicked in the face till he buys a bullworker, but they could still gang up on me. What else can I do?

Read more about my bartering skills here at Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow



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