The Peddar Road Bus Stand

Julie was found near a garbage dump and was adopted by a noble family as their only daughter needed company. They were very loving and caring never letting her feel that she was adopted.

Life was not so cruel, thought Julie. She played with her foster-sister all day long during her vacations and once the schools reopened she would wait for her at the gate in the afternoons till she returned. She had a big room for herself, cozy comfortable bedding and expensive fancy clothes too. They did not seem to be bothered about her disabilities.

A few years after her entry into the house, one of their family members died and the lady of the house put the entire blame on her. Circumstances were such that her loving Mom too screamed at Julie blaming her for being unlucky and a bad omen. She could not hear any of it. But she could read Mom’s face and gestures. It pricked her like a thousand thorns and needles. She believed it.

And thus she was again left all by herself in this big bad world.

Read more about Julie’s journey here at Dew Drops.

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