If I have the power…

… to enact a single law. What would it be?

Here are some of the stories I have heard myself from the girls who have been through it. And when they spoke about it I could feel the pain in their voice. Something that had happened to them when they were young children, but something that hurts them even now. Hearing these stories made me cry and feel angry at my helplessness to help them.

This story ran a chill down my spine.

“Humko servant quarters mein rakha tha. Pehle hi din humko memsaab boli ki jaakar haath mooh dokar aao. Hum quarter ke bathroom mein jaakar haath mooh dokar kaam shuru kar diya. Agle din subah jab memsaab kaam par chali gayi thi tab hum dekhe saab TV par hamara bathroom ka video dekh raha tha. Hum ussi waqt wahaan se baagh nikle…”

Read more such stories at Dew Drops. And about the law that I would like to enact…

Click here to read more…

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