Richard Parker in Baiga Land

Sequel to my last post She’s a Small Town Girl

Here comes the much awaited full account of our visit to Kanha National Park, Madhya PradeshKanha apparently is the largest Tiger Reserve in India spread over 1945 square kilometers (core area covers 940 square kilometers)andone of thevery few well-preserved ones. No wonder these very jungles inspired Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. While I wasn’t sure if we will get to spot a Tiger as we weren’t lucky enough in any of our past Jungle trips, I did hope and imagined in my child-like dreams that we get to witness animated scenes of Sher Khan (the Tiger), Baloo (the Sloth Bear), Bagheera (the Black Panther) and Kaa (the Rock Python), with me as Mowgli. OK…I imagined the husband to be Mowgli and I as Shanti (Mowgli’s girlfriend) with our two baby ‘wolves’.

Into the Jungle
Into the Jungle

With Safaris booked in advance and a train running five hours late I got to experience the panic attacks similar to those when you realize that there is hardly any time to prepare before that big corporate presentation. And I thought this trip is meant to be a therapeutic break! Hurriedly jumping off the train at Jabalpur railway station with kids in tow and hubby as coolie we zipped into our waiting cab and kick-started our 190 kilometers journey by road. Such was the race against time that we gobbled our snacks from a local sweetshop in the car and took a bathroom break only at the petrol pump while the car got refueled. Surprisingly this was a rare clean public toilet that kiddoos too consented to use. Perhaps the smaller towns are more hygiene conscious than large cities.

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