Accidental Encounter

Friday, 13th July, 2012

It was around 11 p.m.

The breeze was cool and the sound of the leaves bustling together made the night even more beautiful, musical and romantic. Most part of the city was either fast asleep inside their bedrooms or tucked inside their living rooms watching a movie or the cricket highlights and the remaining lot was busy partying in the malls and pubs on this awesome Friday night. The pleasant weather was due to the heavy rains that lashed out all across the city about a few hours ago.

Delhi is a beautiful city. Well planned with lots of roads, bypasses and flyovers making it easier to find one’s way even during the peak traffic hours. Yes. We do manage to reach our homes at least to sleep peacefully for 3-4 hours. A Metro it is in all sense except when it rains. The traffic during these rainy days is as if the heavily boarded Mumbai local train has come to a standstill or as if someone has put the Kumbh Mela scene on pause mode.

Hubby had left office earlier than usual but was still stuck in traffic jam. The pati-vrata patni or the sundar susheel bharatiya nari that I am, I was waiting for him to reach and serve him food. The kids were fast asleep after their story reading session. I was walking up and down the length of our balcony waiting eagerly for him to arrive and to empty my jar of cribbing, nagging, complaining, teasing, laughing and all.

The song I was humming: Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kahin from the movie Rang De Basanti.

I felt a knock at the door. I opened the front door to check who that was. No one was visible. Then I realized that the common door was left unbolted and the sound was of that due to the wind. I bolted the common door and as soon as I was about to get inside and lock the front door, I saw him. I had seen him staring at me many a times hiding on the stairs of the opposite building and from the balcony of the neighbour. He had been eyeing me for a while now. With his long moustache he looked weird and wicked at the same time.

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