The Wire Roll and the Mesh

Anusha was on a long vacation and had rented out this particular cottage facing the Vembanad Lake. She was writing the manuscript for her third book and wanted to be at peace. Nothing like the lake stretching into the vast sky with birds of various species flocking around and greenery all around. Peace this was.

One morning as Anusha was walking out of the resort gate for her customary morning walk, she saw Annakutty entering the resort with her son 11-year old son Samuel. Annakkutty was responsible for the overall  cleanliness of the resort, the laundry and the dish washing. Samuel used to accompany Annakutty almost on all days. Anusha didn’t know Malayalam and hence had always tried to communicate with him through gestures. And he responded back in a similar manner. But today was different. Anusha gestured to Samuel and he replied back. No. Not with gestures anymore, but with words. He said, “Anusha chechi, shall I come along?

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