Stop Living in Fear


“Shhh….don’t wail loudly. You Daadi will wake up and come and shout at both of us.”

“Shhh…don’t venture out at night. There are devils and witches out there who’ll suck your blood out.”

“Don’t laugh loudly. Your father doesn’t like anybody laughing loudly. It might attract evil eyes.”

“Don’t go far away from my sight. Don’t go to distant places even with friends and family. Something bad might happen.”

“Why do you want to study further? At the end of the day you only have to wash, cook and take care of the household. The more you study the lesser your marriage prospects will be. Apart from that your Dad will have to fight it out with an army of people from within the family and outside to let you even step outside of the house.”

Sick and tired of this constant fear that is instilled in us from the very first day we are born.

Aren’t you? I am. Do you want to live in constant fear?

Terrorists, Rapists, Corrupt Officials, Abusers, Quacks, Criminals turned politicians…

…what do they have in common?

Read more at Dew Drops.


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