Music and Lyrics – Part Two

This is part two of a short story that I’m writing, weaving in a number of prompts. If you haven’t, kindly read Part one of Music and Lyrics here, before going ahead.

Simon groaned as the loud noise of the whining ambulance woke him up. He looked around, momentarily confused, before he realised where he was. He glanced at the time. It was 4am. He remembered that he’d popped out to the car for a smoke, and then he’d  just reclined the seat listening to the radio. “I must have dozed off!” he thought, as he got out of the car and stretched his arms. As he observed the ambulance pull up to the emergency entrance, he thought about Lizzie and Eva.  He pulled his phone out from the insides of his jacket pocket, and checked it for messages. He had none. Slowly, he walked back into the hospital, wondering if the operation had been completed and what the outcome was.

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Sid Intro


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