When I Think Loud!

When ever I think loud Facebook comes to my rescue more than my blog. The fad for FB will never fade. I don’t use twitter much and hence I am not sure about the good / bad feel embedded in those 140 characters and they always fall short when I have some emotional thought to share 😉  .I was and am used to Facebook and it is interesting and amusing to see the queue of comments whenever anyone posts their opinions or thoughts. It feels good to see that some are nodding at it. It also feels good to see that some one else has an equal and opposite reaction to yours 🙂

All in all thoughts are food for FB and FB is food for thoughts. At least to me it has been like that so far and that is the reason I love FB more and hate it less!

Coming to Project 365’s prompt ,  today the first thought I had today morning which I posted on facebook is below. In fact I had this thought the night before.

Afshan Khan feeling grumpy

“If having emotions in right amounts and projecting them in the right direction is an art, having over emotions and bombarding them in all directions is like a fart and having “NO EMOTIONS” is both art and a fart as it possesses the art of accelerating the fart !”

Read the post here at Afshan’s blog The Pensive.


This post is written for WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts. The author, Afshan Khan, can be found on her blog: The Pen-sive


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