Guest Post | For the love of “Food”

Indians are great eaters and great fighters and their most favorite fight is their fight for food. With so many states and endless cuisines every one has their favorite cuisine and unique customizations.  Our love for food continues through out the year and the festivals which mark the calendar every month , the wedding season which is an integral part of our lives, a baby shower , a fun-fair, a house warming or this or that, every event just accelerates our food-bond.We worry about weight and take the new-year resolution to lose weight only to break it later on in the year when festive season starts  :- ) :- ). Jokes apart, the first and the foremost thing which people in India miss when they move to abroad is the food here.

The food love of people can be seen on the Facebook. Come the dawn of any day you can see too many food pics on your Facebook news feed. Some times I wonder if I can dig in to the “feed/ food” with a spoon and fork and relish but sadly I can only watch the wide range of foods mercilessly shared on my wall ! The prompt this week on project 365- “Seconds” lead to my status update last sunday where I had a funny discussion with the authors of project – 365 – Sid and Sakshi 🙂 The status goes like below.


Going through the news-FEED as and when I woke up confused me. I felt I was reading animated online Menus of restaurants all over the world There are so many cuisines explained on my wall, that I can actually get a plate and spoon and dig in to the news-food I mean the feed ! Definitely the first and last love of most of the FB junta is food (whether it is tasty or not is an open que ). Today my Faacebook looks like Food-book. From healthy to greasy to greeny – I have all kind of foods on my wall This gives me an idea for the next theme Sakshi Nanda and Sid Balachandran  ”
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This post is written for WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts. The author, Afshan Khan, can be found on her blog: The Pen-sive

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