The Nosy Neighbour

Ram Nath is a rather nosy neighbour. Though he means well, he’s got this far-fetched idea in his head that everyone who is an introvert, is hiding something. And when a rather secretive couple disregards his “befriending” efforts, his sixth sense tells him that something is fishy. Or is it?

Click here to find out 

Oh, I must add though. Though this post is about Ram Nath, it also isn’t about Ram Nath. Be sure to read till the end, especially the additional notes at the end 🙂 Might be a tad long, but you’ll know the reason why.

[This post is written for the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts endeavour. The author, Sid Balachandran muses frequently at  ‘I Wrote Those’]

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