Ice-creams and Grenades

Year 1987

Mom’s monthly salary was a little over 1000 bucks (considered real good back in 1980s). The monthly installment of Rs.700 had to be submitted to Delhi Development Authority without fail to avoid penalty and so that we don’t have to keep shifting houses.

I am 8 years old and my little sister is 4 years old. Mom gives us our bi-weekly share of 10 rupees and sends us down to the alley to buy vanilla ice-cream cups worth Rs. 5 each. My little sister for some reason was in a different mood that day and was adamant that she only wanted a choco bar which was worth Rs.10. That would mean just one ice-cream for the two of us. Mom was not visible as the vendor was standing some buildings away. After I bought the choco bar, I tried requesting the little girl to let me also relish a bite. She refused.

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