Guest Post : Oh I hate smartphones

“Tring Tring” “Tring Tring” the phone buzzed at its loudest self, waking me up from a deep sleep. I got up with a jerk to answer, only to realize that it was an alarm. My phone has replaced my bedside clock and hence the confusion between alarm tone and ringtone.

After a couple of snoozes, I woke up and dialed mom. I spoke to her while getting ready for work.

As usual, I was running late for work. These snooze options in the phones is just so annoying.

Once I got down of my house, I realized I had forgotten my phone at home. I rushed up to take it while the cab driver insisted on blowing the horn while I did so.

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This post is written for WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts. The author, Sugandha Agrawal, can be found on her blog: The Shades of Life


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