Guest Post : Wordinie- The best genie

I was reading Arabian Nights that night and reliving my childhood days. I finished “Alibaba and the forty thieves,” “Sindbad the Sailor” and finally came to the page where “Alladin and the magic lamp” tale starts. I was immersed in the story and flipped the page by gently touching it so as not to destroy the brown tattered pages of the book! Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. I instantly closed my eyes. When I opened I saw a bluish white genie glowing in the bright light holding a pile of books. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t speak anything more than , “Who are you?!”
The genie: “You rubbed the page and here I am at your service. You rubbed the exact spot where I live. If you observe carefully you touched the spot with the picture of the magical lamp.”

Me: “But you are supposed to come out of the lamp right?”

Genie : “But I am the reading and writing genie. You can also call me Wordinie!”

Me: “Is that your name?”

Genie: “Yes. I live in books and grant the reading and writing wishes. I am the bestest genie and you will not regret having me master.” Replied the genie with an air of importance by folding his arms as a gesture of respect.

Curious to know more? Click here to continue…..

This post is written for WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts. The author, Afshan Khan, can be found on her blog: The Pen-sive

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