Guest Post: The Indian Constitution; A Picture Story

This guest post is by my husband, Aseem.

He is not a blogger. And if I have to call him a writer, he says I have to make sure government file notings qualify as creative art. Understand then that I had to use all my convincing powers to make him pen this for my blog. Also know, that his thoughts mean more to me than my own. (Alright, most of the time anyway!) Republic Day was yesterday, and today he gave me these words and these pictures. A ‘Slice of History’ for those who celebrate the 26th of January with as much fanfare as we do, and who, like us, are still enjoying a “patriotic” hang-over even though it is the next day.

Now, for a change, I let him speak uninterrupted.


The Indian Constitution; A Picture Story

I gave in.

When she wanted me to write a few paragraphs for her blog, contrary, perhaps, to her expectations, I did not protest. My reason for agreeing was essentially just that she had chosen a great time to press her demands upon me.

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[This post is written for the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program. The author, Sakshi Nanda stays somewhere ‘Between Write and Wrong‘]

One comment on “Guest Post: The Indian Constitution; A Picture Story

  1. Wow! If only the Civics teacher taught us about the Constitution with as much passion instead of focusing on getting our answers/grammar correctly. I feel Aseem must get into writing more often, even if it means writing guest posts for Sakshi. Great pictures and cute little N! šŸ™‚

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