A walk down musical memory lane

Image courtesy : Google Image search
Image courtesy : Google Image search

I am  more than sure that all the readers of this blog have been fans of some form of music or the other, and for more than a few of us, music does play a reasonably important role in our lives.

While it acts as a soothing balm for some of us, others derive inspiration and motivation to perform their daily mundane activities better when listening to music. I am sure that we all have our favorite musical genres, artists, composers, songs, types of music.

To read more about some of my favorites in music, click here [Link to post]


This post is written for WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts. The author mahabore usually bores readers at Mahabore’s Mumblings.

One comment on “A walk down musical memory lane

  1. Music, I feel can bring alive even the dead ones. There would be hardly anyone, who wouldn’t feel the various emotions attached to it. I see that MJ rocks your list too. Your collection is just awesome. 🙂

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