Kick it

Image Credit DaughterbyDesign
Image Credit DaughterbyDesign

What’s life without a little pleasure, eh? I know. We’ve all thought about it. Sometimes dwelling on it, sometimes just as a passing thought. As cliched as it sounds, a bucket list is made meaningful only because of the end result it provides when we strike items off that list – the pure, unadulterated bliss of happiness. There’s hardly any one of us who’s not heard about the term “Bucket List”.  Simply put, it is a compilation of activities that you want to have completed or achieved before your earthly being goes to sleep one final time. I’ve often read that people think that bucket lists are only for millionaires. That’s not true. Bucket lists are for everyone. For you, for him, for her, for them, for me – for us all. 

So what do you think is on my bucket list? Are they going to be the same as or identical to yours? Read the complete version here


[This post is written for the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts endeavour. The author, Sid Balachandran muses frequently at  ‘I Wrote Those]          

4 comments on “Kick it

  1. Man, you definitely have a very long bucket list. Reading your list makes me wonder, why I never took time to think about mine. Honestly, I just live by the day. I don’t put in too much effort in thinking what all I would want to do before the D-Day. Or may be I don’t want to think about the D-Day at all.

    An author you definitely are. And this list definitely tells me you ought to be a very well-organized person. And here’s wishing that you get to do all that’s pending on your bucket list. Good Luck! 🙂

    • Rekha, until this prompt came along, I too had never thought about the bucket list. As I told Suzy, I’m more of a live-each-day-as-it-comes kind of person. And neither do I intend to change. But having a bucket list helps you tick of little things. For eg, planning the next big holiday we can take. I had one to always visit Singapore. Got that off the list two months ago. As for the D-Day, I try to avoid thinking about it too.
      Haha, author. Are you kidding? I’ve barely got 100 people who probably read my drivel. Luckily for me, you’re one of them

  2. Okay! First off, I love the 3rd paragraph. Never thought of it that way, perhaps because I never thought of making a bucket list at all. Then, the aquatic wanderer idea is something I am going to borrow right off your list and include it in my first-ever one. Yours is the most interesting, well-penned and colourful (all senses) list I have ever come across. No ‘I want to be PM’ and no ‘I want to be Bill Gates’. Well done, and I hope that one day I work as hard on my bucket list as well as on my posts as you do, Sid.

    • To be absolute honest, I’ve rarely thought about making a bucket list. Simply because I assumed everything I wanted I’d never be able to achieve. I mean, getting all your dreams only happens in the movies …or books, right? But then I reassessed it for the post. Started jotting down the absolute minimum that I could do which would make me feel that I achieved some of my dreams during my earthly exile. And that’s how this came to be. I’m sure there are plenty of aquatic wanderers who would sympathise with us. My wife loves to swim and for at least 9 of the 12 years that I’ve known her,she’s been wanting to go for scuba diving with me. Hopefully it’ll work out soon.
      As for the interesting bit – Don’t tell anyone, even back at school I never dreamed of being the President or Bill Gates. Sakshi I know you work bloody hard on your posts too…and so will you on your bucket list,when the time is right my friend…..all in good time.

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